International Facilitator

Where East meets West, we have established a strong and reliable network. With some fine tuning, we are bringing more food on the table. We are food lovers who marry cultures!


Direct Sourcing

Being based in Canada enables us to access high quality food products directly at the source. We enjoy visiting farms and factories, to learn their stories. We can then assist more people to find the right products to match their clientele's preferences.


Product Optimization

We cultivate a hybrid culture, where our understanding of both the Canadian and Chinese culture is an crucial factor in product customization. We help others to target a new market, while keeping their product's essence.


Integrated Logistics

With our warehouse and SFC license, we consolidate various food products to speed up shipping, tracking, and delivery. We offer more flexibility and customs clearance support from Canada to China, on a case-by-case basis.


Local Fulfillment

With our permanent presence in China, we are able to monitor, follow-up, and adjust to the market efficiently. We have physical and online channels to promote and sell imported products. Our brand is synonym of high-quality goods.



Over the years, Arctica Food has built a strong network of suppliers and buyers. As entrepreneurs and international adventurers, we share the same enthusiasm and face the same challenges as many other businesses, and have kept an open mind to find the right solutions. We take the time to talk and listen to our partners so we can assemble their import and export puzzle, especially for a such complex Chinese market. We do not promise the world; we work with you to get there. On board!