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Inspired by our own needs, we created our health supplement line, to give ourselves a little push in our busy life. We enjoy developing new formulas that support the spinning lifestyle around us.

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A Little Boost Goes a Long Way

Natural supplements cannot replace good eating habits and a healthy lifestyle, but...

In our search for healthier food, we noticed that a lot of people adhere to some sort of diet at different degrees and their eating behavior is often unbalanced. In addition, the 21st century netizen is pulled into the jungle of life and struggles to find the balance between family, work, personal well-being. So, it was only natural to expand our product line and offer a more convenient way to replenish one's vigor.

With our deep knowledge of the sea cucumber, its therapeutically benefits, and understanding of herbal medicine, we created our signature sea cucumber health supplement collection. Our first two product, Sea Cucumber & American Ginseng and Sea Cucumber and Glucosamine, were launched in 2016. Eight years later, we present eight – and on going – unique formulations, each targeting a specific need and enhanced with our sea cucumber. We also offer other renowned supplements such as genuine Seal Oil, which is packed with Omega-3 fatty acids.

To ensure that our health supplements meet our high quality requirements, we work with reliable and fully accredited suppliers, who have a long history in their respective field of expertise. Our products are tested in certified third party laboratories, following Health Canada's guidelines. Our desire to improve the capsules intake experience pushes us to continuously optimize our products, such as condensing further the ingredients to make smaller capsules. As people's need are evolving, we invest in new formulations to incorporate our health supplements more easily and naturally to one's daily routine.

Arctica's natural supplements: being healthy rich is the greatest wealth!

Did you know? Every health supplement we developed was inspired by a person in our life. They each have a story and it is our way to show our fondness. No matter how you are feeling, someone is thinking of you, with affection.

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Only the goodness

All our health supplements are approved by Health Canada, with NPN (Natural Product Number), and produced under Good Manufacture Practices, using natural source ingredients. We only incorporate high quality raw materials and tested ingredients in our formulas. Our sea cucumber health supplement collection is made with our staple sea cucumbers, so rest assured. After all, our families and us were the first patrons of our health supplements and our motto has always been: "don't put rubbish that we will not eat ourselves"!