Sea Cucumber

An echinoderm (same family as the starfish) packed with nutriments. We offer a full range of sea cucumber products, from raw to ready-to-eat, and are highly specialized in dried goods.


The Imperial Secret

There are more than 1,000 species of sea cucumber around the globe. What makes the Canadian one so special?

The Canadian sea cucumber has the scientific name of Cucumaria frondosa, but since it can be found in the North Atlantic Ocean to the Arctic Ocean, it is also called the Arctic sea cucumber. From these cold and pristine waters, the sea cucumber grows slowly and takes up to three years to reach maturity. All our sea cucumbers are wild caught, following Fisheries and Oceans Canada's strict fishing policies, which yields specimens much older than three years, and thus ensures the sustainability of the species and preservation of the natural environment. 

For our premium grades, we use fresh sea cucumbers that are gutted, cleaned, and fully dried to optimize the state of the nutrients. Our sea cucumber is packed with amino acids, vitamin B's, D, E, and minerals such as iron, magnesium, potassium, etc. Actually, it is so nutritious, that we continue to discover new health applications all the time. Our sea cucumber is high in protein, low in sodium once rehydrated, extra lean and free of fats. It is truly a Superfood!

Since this seafood has been consumed, popularized, and are best understood in Asian countries, especially in China, we focused our product development to target the preferences of the Chinese consumers. We made sure to create a healthy food that is also enjoyable to eat. The thickness of the meat and the bounciness of the tendons give the perfect balance between the chewiness of the calamari and the meltiness of lard, with a mild taste of the sea.

Arctica Food's Canadian sea cucumber: rich in nutrients, richer in texture, enrich your health! 

Fun fact: the sea cucumber has a naughty nickname: the sea Viagra! No wonder Asian Emperors loved it...

Quality assurance

The Highest Standard

Arctica Food has established the 5SSS dried sea cucumber standard, which is the strictest in the industry. Only pre-selected batches will go through our 5 Stage Sorting System to ensure that each specimen is worthy of our best grades. In addition to our SFC license from the CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency), our sea cucumber has been approved as a CCIC (China Certification & Inspection Group) Choice product, giving it a double quality assurance seal. We work hard to offer quality and consistency. A returning customer is our greatest achievement!