About Us

In response to the increasing demand from more sophisticated global markets and higher requirements, Arctica Food Group Canada Inc.’s (Arctica Food) mission is to provide Canadian products and seafood, which meet the highest standards of quality in North America. Our mandate is to provide products that are safe, nutritious and rich-in-taste.

Located on the St. Lawrence River’s shores, the richness of our marine cold waters is a guarantee of quality, quantity and variety when it comes to our seafood and related products.

Our group’s expertise and our strong partners’ highly proficient skills in the raw material transformation and development are part of our culture for generations.

Respectful of our environment and proud of our beautiful country, we practice healthy and sustainable fishing. Thus, we preserve our resources and ensure the perpetuity of our quality products.

Whether for food, industrial or other purpose, Arctica Food offers a sea of ​​possibilities.

Canadian sea cucumber