How to rehydrate Arctica Food wild sea cucumber

Canadian sea cucumber

How to rehydrate and clean sea cucumber-Cleaning sea cucumber is not as daunting as you think. A lot of passive waiting, but not labor-intensive.


Before resoaking

Don’t throw away the red inner reinforcement which is the most nutritive part of the arctic wild sea cucumber.


Let’s begin.

Resoaking preparation


We took 9 heads of Arctica Food wild sea cucumber (BEST & SELECT), weighing 200g.



Day 1 · Soaking


Soak dry sea cucumbers in water for a day in the fridge;

Till then, their weight arrived 539g.



Day 2 · Seaming


Put them in a pot, add water, bring to boil and simmer for 5 minutes, cool down naturally;

weighing  839g.



Seaming again
Repeat the previous step (adjust simmer time depending on texture preference); weighing 1290g.



Soak them in water for a day in the fridge.


Day 3 · Success!


Now they are weighing 1640g. The dried product gains 8 times it’s weight once resoaked. More it grows, softer it is.

Can be used as a protein in your recipes; can be stored 3~4 days soaked in water in the fridge (change water daily).



Sea cucumber from the Gaspesie: wild-caught, processed, and packaged in Quebec. A product unknown to local people, but consumed since the time of the Chinese emperors. The perfect marriage between the West and the East. Nourishing and fun culinary experience!



  • Premium quality
  • Freshly processed, no additives
  • High nutritional value
  • New culinary experience
  • Product from Gaspésie