LA PRESSE: Flair and know-how to drill on the Chinese market

Canadian sea cucumber

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If it is thanks to his know-how that Cinco has been able to stand out on the Chinese market, it is the flair of Philippe Wang that has enabled him to do the same. This Chinese Quebecer and his daughter Lory decided to exploit a raw material from the Gaspé sea which until recently was hated by all fishermen on the coast.

The Gaspé sea cucumber, baptized “Nordic sea cucumber”, is part of a class of marine animals from the large family of starfish. A bibitte with an unpleasant look, almost repulsive, that fishermen harvested from their nets by accident and who took the path of garbage.

However, sea cucumber is a highly valued dish in Asia, particularly in China, where it has been consumed for hundreds of years. It has long been the favorite dish of emperors.

It is appreciated for its texture, for its nutritional qualities but also for the great vitality that its consumption can generate. Today it is called “Viagra of the Sea” …

Two years ago, while visiting the fishermen of the Gaspé shoals on the quays of the port of Rivière-au-Renard, I came across some of them who were loading boxes full of this bizarre mollusk. ” Before, we threw them away, we caught them and then we sent them to China,” one of the converts told me.

Lory Wang saw the potential of the Gaspé reserves and decided to exploit the Nordic sea cucumber with a view to exporting it to the Chinese market.

Today, Artic Food Canada harvests and exports 50 tonnes of sea cucumber to China annually. This new activity completely reactivated the operations of the fish processing plant in the Gaspé village of Cloridorme, which was in full decline.