Your next discovery: Quebec sea cucumber


(The original article was published in )   While sea cucumber is a highly popular product on the Chinese market, this product is still unknown by Quebecers. However, it has been fished and processed in the Gaspé Peninsula, in addition to being exported to China, for several years already! Arctica Food, a local company created […]

MÉTRO: A superfood that surprises everyone

Wild Arctic Sea Cucumber

(The original french report is here: )   You shouldn’t stop at its appearance, because if the sea cucumber has an unattractive appearance, it is THE new superfood to discover! While Montrealers are more and more concerned with their health, and therefore their diet, a new superfood is emerging: the dried sea cucumber. Captured in […]

LA PRESSE: Flair and know-how to drill on the Chinese market

Canadian sea cucumber

(The original french report is here: LA PRESSE )   […] GASPÉSIE ARRIVES IN CHINA If it is thanks to his know-how that Cinco has been able to stand out on the Chinese market, it is the flair of Philippe Wang that has enabled him to do the same. This Chinese Quebecer and his daughter […]

LE DEVOIR: Sea cucumber, a new economic potential for the Gaspé Peninsula

Canadian sea cucumber

(Photo: Arctica Food)     An unknown, but highly prized animal in China, sea cucumber represents a new economic potential for the Gaspé Peninsula. If we take care of it …   Étienne Couture has an extraordinary job: he is a cucumber fisherman. In summer, this scuba diver spends four hours a day at the […]

RADIO CANADA: Why people say Sea cucumber is “Viagra of the sea”

concombre de mer viagra

(the original audio is here: RADIO CANADA )   “The product we sell is caught, processed and packaged in the Gaspé,” explains Lorry Wang, vice-president of Arctica Food, a company that exports Gaspé sea cucumbers to China. The sea cucumber, also called a sea cucumber, is neither a vegetable nor seafood, it is a sea […]

Canadian sea cucumber